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All That & More In Quarter 4 - 2019 1
Photo by Nitin Dhumafrom Pexels

A quick review of my achievements and discoveries (art related or not) for the quarter allows me to acknowledge my achievements, understand where I still need work, and remember some of the new and exciting things I may have seen or done outside of the studio.

This is not intended to be an exhaustively detailed examination of all that has passed, but more an easily digestible bullet point record.

Quarter 4 – 2019

Art Achievements

  • Installation at Nook Nosh Wine Bar extended until the end of the year.
  • Completed an number on new paintings which formed part of a new art installation at The Artisan Cafe in Blackwood, SA.
  • Completed and delivered a new commission piece to another happy and satisfied client

Books & Podcasts

Movies & Television

  • Just finished watching Years and Years which was quite a disturbing look at where the current state of the world might be heading for us.
  • Having just read the book, I’ve started watching American Gods series 1
  • Also watching The Mandalorian which I am quite enjoying

That’s it for this quarter and the year. I’m looking forward to taking a little time off and getting into the new year with refreshed enthusiasm.

Tim Eden

Tim Eden is an Adelaide based figurative artist who paints mainly in oil. The principle theme throughout Tim’s art focuses on our existence and shared connectedness within a universe of energy. Tim’s work has been described as thought provoking and emotive.

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