Like water, we’re fluid, flexible, destructive and drawn to the path of least resistance.
Who we are is defined by these paths we follow.

We love talking in absolutes – black or white, good or bad, success or failure – but these words only describe the opposing extremes of a single particular trait.

This is evident when we speak of sins and virtues – wrath and patience, gluttony and temperance, lust and chastity, pride and humility, greed and charity, sloth and diligence, envy and gratitude. The reality is we are never just one or the other, more a blend of the two on a sliding scale between the extremes.

Likewise, the sea is both chaotic and destructive among the crashing waves and yet still peaceful and calm beneath the surface. Water itself is nourishing, soothing, graceful and relaxing and simultaneously dangerous, powerful and smothering. It has the power to sustain life and the power to snatch it away.

The seven pieces forming the Fluidity series aim to capture a lone figures conflict with each sin and virtue, set amongst the humbling environment of our all powerful ocean.