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I am often asked where the ideas for my paintings come from. This is especially relevant for a painting series where there is a need for a common through-line to tie the images together.

The following are the stages I used for developing and completing my most recent painting series ‘Fluidity‘.

Concept Stage

My latest series entitled ‘Fluidity’, began as an idea about our feelings of connectedness to water and the ocean. I brainstormed on a few different visual ideas that resonated with me specifically based around this topic.

Developing a Series 1
Initial concept sketches for ‘Sacrifice‘, ‘Composure‘ and ‘Balance‘ which form part of the ‘Fluidity‘ series

Once I had a number of visual ideas sorted, I looked for additional narratives that could tie the images together, whether this is theme, colours, progression from light to dark etc. I locked in on producing seven images with each one tied to a sin/virtue pairing.

Underpainting Stage

Next up is sourcing canvas’, gessoing and laying out the image on each support. Underpainting the image is a way to get the general feel and proportions of the image without worrying too much at this stage about having the final colour (or sometimes even the correct value) sorted. At this stage you can make some adjustments to the overall composition before committing to the final painting layer.

Developing a Series 2
Underpainting of ‘Sacrifice
Developing a Series 3
Underpainting of ‘Composure

Final Painting Stage

Once happy with the look and feel of the underpaintings I could proceed with completing the final layers to bring the image up to the correct saturation, colour and value.

Developing a Series 4
Completed ‘Sacrifice‘ painting
Developing a Series 5
Completed ‘Composure‘ painting

Preparing Painting for Hanging

All that is left to do now is wait for the image to dry, varnish (to protect the surface from dirt and grime), add hanging wire and take photographs.

Then of course the most important part, show your work!

Developing a Series 6
Sacrifice by TIm Eden
30″x20″ oil on canvas
Developing a Series 7
Balance by TIm Eden
30″x20″ oil on canvas
Developing a Series 8
Composure by TIm Eden
20″x30″ oil on canvas
Developing a Series 9
Entire ‘Fluidity‘ series of paintings on display at Nook Nosh Wine Bar

Tim Eden

Tim Eden is an Adelaide based figurative artist who paints mainly in oil. The principle theme throughout Tim’s art focuses on our existence and shared connectedness within a universe of energy. Tim’s work has been described as thought provoking and emotive.

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