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Tim Eden. Repose, 2016. Gouache on paper, 8" x 12"
Tim Eden. Repose, 2016. Gouache on paper, 8″ x 12″

a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility

be situated or kept in a particular place

This is my second attempt at gouache painting with a focus on improving my value recognition, shape containment and edge control. I felt I had a bit more success with this one and I’m reasonably happy with the result but I’ve still got a way to go to fully grasp each of these concepts.

Ideally I’d like to get to the point where I can, with some confidence, apply and leave each mark I make on the surface in it’s original form, maintaining the vitality and expressiveness in each brushstroke rather than constantly reworking and correcting as I go – and in the process dulling down its life and spontaneity.

While perfection is of course unattainable – we’ll never really be completely happy – I can at least strive to bridge the gap with time, practice and refinement of technique and approaching exercises such as this with a clear goal in mind helps to keep the focus on the process, rather than the product, which is where I am trying to keep my headspace at the moment.

Tim Eden

Tim Eden is an Adelaide based figurative artist who paints mainly in oil. The principle theme throughout Tim’s art focuses on our existence and shared connectedness within a universe of energy. Tim’s work has been described as thought provoking and emotive.

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