The Undoing 1
Tim Eden. The Undoing, 2017. Oil on canvas sheet, 12″ x 8″

This is another of the quick painting studies I have been working on this year. The short time attributed to each allow the opportunity to experiment and throw caution to the wind in the knowledge that there will always be a new tomorrow if tonight’s experiments doesn’t go so well.

After working on this one for a couple of hours, I was in the process of washing my brushes and packing my gear away when I looked upon the image and something compelled me to take a rag and rub vigorously around the canvas, knocking back much of the detail bar the face itself.

It could have gone south pretty quick but thankfully it seemed to be exactly what the piece needed.

These sort of painting experiences are not just about practicing the art of painting itself, but also practicing the art of letting go and risking ruining something on the slim chance that it might actually be an improvement. It’s about breaking down those walls we have built inside ourselves that stop up taking a leap of faith, and the more we do this, the easier these leaps become.

It’s the fear of failure, undoing.

Tim Eden

Tim Eden is an Adelaide based figurative artist who paints mainly in oil. The principle theme throughout Tim’s art focuses on our existence and shared connectedness within a universe of energy. Tim’s work has been described as thought provoking and emotive.

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