There was a time when I’d regularly stress over, “Where am I going with all this?”

Back when I made the decision to turn my focus and energy to art I did so with the naive thought that I’d invariably reach a specific time and place where once there, I’d know I’d arrived.

The more I learnt, the more I realised how much I didn’t know and it seemed that place I was meant to be, wherever it was, was disappearing further beyond the horizon.

But the further away it felt, the more I realised this assumed destination was for the most part only ever a mirage, tantalising but forever out of reach because this so called end point never actually existed.

Every piece of growth we experience allows us to see the greater opportunities and possibilities that we once were oblivious to and our goals and expectations readjust.

Just imagine the reality of reaching a place and realising there was no where left to go. Is that what we really want? What then?

Life is but a long and winding road, and it is a road that has no end. Enjoy the journey because the journey is all there really is, all there ever was and what life is all about.

A destination, there never was, and nor should we wish there to be.

Tim Eden

Tim Eden is an Adelaide based figurative artist who paints mainly in oil. The principle theme throughout Tim’s art focuses on our existence and shared connectedness within a universe of energy. Tim’s work has been described as thought provoking and emotive.

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